A Message of Hope in Song

during uncertain times

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New forms of the North American, selfish,

warped gospel have crept into what once were very solid churches.

Many church leaders will not speak out against it because

this monster intimidates them or they have taken the path of least resistance;

it actually, appeals to the worldly lust deep in their hearts.

Will the real men and women of God please stand up?

Take courage, you are not alone.

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No picture is more beautiful than that of the bride and groom,

and to think that God would describe our relationship to Him as

that much of an intimate thing.

There are forces in religious circles that have been here since Jesus walked the earth

that have as their main motive the tarnishing of the ideal image.

There are hot off the press, new “God” movements, training schools and

commentary Bibles and old, so called truth-defending camps.

In many cases, they are both up to no good.

Please break away from the pack.

All you will need is your Bible and a tender heart.

The lord will meet you as you run to Him and sweep you off your feet.

Here is how to order this DVD