“2 New Albums”

Both of these TWO NEW CDs speak of phony religion

and the money chasing spiritual dictators who have painted

a wrong picture of God.

This can all be remedied very quickly when we

reach out to God and grab a Bible and

read it for ourselves without the help of outside interpreters.

God is not complicated.

This CD contains an assortment of songs that range

from personal observations, life, love, humour and

to the hope that can be found in God

in the midst of a world where

“Nothin’s Real Anymore.”

Here is how to order this CD

This CD has the same title as our 2013 DVD

but contains all NEW songs, except for the title song.

The song, “She Wears My Name,” is a theme in itself of sorts

that is meant to show the character of a holy God

who loves us and wants to free us from the heavy weight of sin that

so many carry in this mixed up world, filled with no absolutes.

Here is how to order this CD