Last Mile Ministries
Trevor Baker
Singer/ Songwriter

An outreach ministry to the many lonely and broken lives in our world. From the elderly to the truckers, to the homeless as well the growing number even within the church walls, who are falling through the cracks with heartache and despair in an ever changing time when the ‘rubber meets the road’ simple gospel message has been abandoned for the most part.
Milking this world for all we can get out of it and wanting God’s blessing on our efforts equates to saying we believe in heaven but living our lives like it doesn’t exist. Often we want to blame the government and a myriad of other things, but the blame falls squarely on us. The pulpits are silent about sin, repentance and not chasing the worlds values; the weighty matters of life. But they are very vocal about the things that don’t matter like prosperity and the endless pursuing of dreams. Many in our society have become disillusioned with God because of this world embracing attitude among those who call themselves Christians.

This ministry was founded in 2019 after 20 years of full time Song Ministry on farms, on street corners, in prisons, churches and various settings. Trevor underwent a life altering change due to personal tragedy, heartbreak and loss in his life. Through this ordeal, he sensed the comfort of God to a whole new level and was led of the Lord to reach out to others in despair and loneliness. Those feeling that they are walking the “Last Mile” because of loss and heartbreak, and those in nursing and retirement homes walking the Last Mile of their lives.

Coming to faith himself in his 20’s out of losing his dear friend to suicide, closely followed by his own thoughts of ending his own life, Trevor has tasted of the pain of life and comfort of God.
He began singing a few years later, after picking up a guitar for the first time. Having little confidence in himself and his abilities, but a childlike faith in a God who uses the nobodies of this world to spread his word and message, he ventured into full time Ministry in the year 2000.
The Lord gave this farmhand a gift of songwriting and singing which he knows came from none of his natural talent. A gift from God alone and only to be used for his purposes; not for the chasing of fame and recognition.
Having done over 2,500 concerts and recording 25 CDs and writing 300 songs will not earn any praise from God or trophies in heaven. Being faithful to bring the message of Jesus to a lost and hurting world will be all that matters when we meet our maker. So for this cause and this cause alone, is this music and Ministry dedicated to.

Dear Friends
To those sensing the heaviness of this world and wanting to call it quits as if on death row in a prison, walking the “last mile”; there is hope and comfort.
To those aged ones with loneliness and pain greeting you each morning on your “last mile” of life; there is hope and peace and comfort. All of this is found in our wonderful Saviour, who is as close as the mention of his name; Jesus.

From my heart to yours
Trevor Baker


Therefore said He unto His disciples
the harvest is plenteous but the labourers are few.
Luke 10:2

From my heart to yours...

Someone recently told me that they had listened to one of my cds

several times over the last year and were moved by the message.

This person then went on to ask me if I had made the “big time” yet.

I thought to myself, “Wow, they missed the entire message.”

Even within the Church it is sad to see how singers

are elevated to celebrity status and many of them are only too happy

to live for the applause and bright lights.

I am pretty certain that Jesus never had that in mind when He told us

to go out and preach the Gospel.

Many times Jesus has nothing to do with Gospel music except

that it touches a few heartstrings and “Heaven Is My Home”

sounds good in 3-part harmony.

I for one find myself very out of place in most music circles

but I don’t feel out of place as I read my Bible and spend quiet times with the Lord.

If that simple life that Jesus talked about is old-fashioned

and out of place in this world of phony religion,

then I will have to be counted in that number, a “misfit” for Jesus.